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homemade bread

Milling Grain for Homemade Bread

“You mill your own grain?!” I think when people initially find out that I mill flour at home they think of a donkey circling a millstone in a barn somewhere….

The Compassion of a Heart Sibling

Did you know that children with a sibling with chronic illness are at a greater risk than average for developing anxiety? Did you know that they often put a positive…

What is CHD Awareness Week?

February Frenzy Come late January there is a LOT of hype in the heart community about February – “Heart Month” and “CHD Awareness Week” are right around the corner! If…

How to Survive Life in the ICU

Brad and Elisa Hill spent the first 9 and a half months of their daughter Eden’s life in the hospital. Together they learned the best ways to survive life in…

christmas presents

Non-toy Gifts for Your Heart Warrior

When my son was about 10 months old we transformed our office in the front of the house into a play room. It was great! I organized his little toys…