February Frenzy

Come late January there is a LOT of hype in the heart community about February – “Heart Month” and “CHD Awareness Week” are right around the corner! If you are new to the heart community you may be wondering, “what does all this mean??”

You probably know February is Heart Month. There is Wear Red Day for women’s heart health and many news sources will share heart healthy recipes and info from the American Heart Association. This heart awareness is all geared towards acquired heart disease in adults. BUT, nestled within heart month is the gem of CHD Awareness Week. This is our time to shine, friends!

CHD Awareness Week

February 7th-14th is CHD Awareness Week. This is the perfect time to tell your story and generate awareness for the world’s most common birth defect. It’s important to create more awareness for CHD because this is the only way to generate more research funding. People can’t fund the need for research if they don’t know CHD is even a problem! Here’s a few ways you can jump in and get involved in spreading awareness this February.

How to Participate

1. Tell your story

Me sitting next to Calvin’s bedside in the cardiac ICU when he was 7 days old.

CHD Awareness Week is a great time to post on social media and tell people about your family’s experience with CHD. You can be very open or more private with the details and pictures you choose to share. There is no wrong way to do it!

2. Share CHD Statistics

Most people have no idea how prevalent CHD is. Sharing facts and statistics during CHD Awareness Week is the perfect way to generate more attention for the cause! A great place to look for shareable info is Project Heart’s Facebook and Instagram pages. They will have moving stories, eye-opening facts, and interesting posts about influential people in the heart community all month long.

3. Fundraise for CHD Research

As you are sharing your story and some CHD facts, give your friends and family a way to support the cause. Create a fundraiser for Project Heart or your favorite local CHD charity. Facebook fundraisers are an easy and effective way to do this. They are easy to set and up and make a big impact! You will be amazed at how generous your friends and family can be when you give them the opportunity. And you will feel so good knowing you used your voice and experience to make an impact!

4. Wear Red!

It’s fun to wear red and heart-themed clothing during CHD Awareness Week – PLUS it’s right around Valentine’s Day! Post a picture of yourself or your heart warrior looking festive and tell others why those little hearts are extra special to you.

Ready to Raise Awareness?

So, now that you know what CHD Awareness Week is all about and how you can be involved I hope you will jump in and tell your friends and family about CHD this month!

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